Introduction to quantum topology

Lecture at the Master Class in Geometry, Topology and Physics (2016-17) at the University of Geneva (Switzerland)

by Alexis Virelizier


The aim of the course is to introduce the notions of quantum invariants and TQFTs from the mathematical viewpoint and to consider some examples, especially in dimension 2 and 3.


1. TQFTs in dimension 2
2. The Jones polynomial
3. Quantum groups and the Drinfeld double
4. The Turaev-Viro quantum invariants of 3-manifolds


Basic notions of algebra (algebras and their modules, tensor product) and of algebraic topology (fundamental group, homology).

Exercise sheets

Exercise sheet 1, pdf.
Exercise sheet 2, pdf.
Exercise sheet 3, pdf.
Exercise sheet 4, pdf.
Exercise sheet 5, pdf.
Exercise sheet 6, pdf.
Exercise sheet 7, pdf.
Exercise sheet 8, pdf.
Exercise sheet 9, pdf.
Exercise sheet 10, pdf.


The videos of the lectures can be found here.


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